Hey skincare beauties! Welcome back, in this blog post is part 2 of keeping your face fresh and clean.  We are going to talk about exfoliation.  Exfoliation is an important part of keeping your face fresh and clean.  It is also an important part of your skin care regime.  Exfoliation is the removal of dry dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. -Exfoliation helps increases the blood circulation which will help you to achieve the skin you are looking for.  If you are desires a smooth, fresh, healthy glowing skin, start exfoliating. -It is suggested that you exfoliate your skin 2 to 3 times per week.  You don't want to do more that that because you can begin to dry out your skin and strip away those natural beautiful oils from you skin. Here are some benefits to exfoliating your face:
  1. Blemished skin - If you have blemished skin, exfoliating will help to remove the nasty bacteria lerking under the skin.  It reduces the breakouts which keeps the pores from being clogged with that nasty bumps of dead skin cells and sebum (which is your skin oil). Exfoliating will also keep blemished skin smooth, radiate, and soft
  2. The Pigmentation of the skin - Exfoliating help clear up and fade the dark areas on your skin.  These areas can be from pregnancy, aging, or hormone imbalance.  Regular exfoliating helps tremendously with this.  You may want to visit a licensed esthetician at a salon or have some care at home.
  3. Pores - Exfoliation helps with clogged congested pores.  Clogged pores are your whiteheads and blackheads on your face.  The are usually found around the jawline, nose, and your forehead.  Some of you may have them on your cheeks as well.  Exfoliation will help draw out all of the gunk that is stuck up in there so you can get rid of those nasty pores.
  4. Improved texture of skin - Exfoliating helps even out your skin tone.  It rejuvenates, hydrates, and re-energize the skin.  It makes your skin look healthy, smooth, and brighten the complexion of your skin.  Of course after exfoliating, you want to have a good moisturizer to moisture the skin.  We will talk about in the next blog post.  Also, exfoliating provides a fresh palette for your skin when it comes down to your make-up.  This will help your foundation go on smoothly and your make-up look clean and flawless.  Always remember that.
I want to also note to maintain the health of your skin, your face, drink plenty of water.  When you are exfoliating the skin, you are increasing the blood circulation, breaking down the toxins and you are encouraging new skin cells to come through. I hope this post has helped you to understand the importance of exfoliating and how this is an important step in your skin care regime.  Stay tuned for the next 3 steps in keeping your skin, your face fresh and clean.  Keep applying the steps and you will have the skin you so desire ;) Yours Truly, Chesha with Healthy Living and Skin Care  

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