Here are 4 ways to get glowing skin from you products

1) Apply facial & body care on wet skin. Never apply products on dry skin.  You want to make sure the product can penetrate into the skin to get greater result.  This can help reduce any type of irritation as well.

2) Apply a dime to quarter size amount of product.  You don't have to use a lot of facial & body care products. For facial products, use about a quarter for the cleaners and scrubs.  Clay mask is going to require more but not as much.  Enough to cover the face.  Use about a dime size for serums, gels and moisturizers. A little goes a long way for these types of products.  For body care you can be a bit more generous but really a little do go a long way.

3) Apply cleanser, scrub, mask in gentle circular motion.  The best results to facial skin care and body care is to apply in a circular motion.  Being gentle, take your fingers and massage into your skin.  Working in a circular motion helps improve blood circulation and allowing the product to get down into the skin.

4) Make sure to cleanse skin Morning and Evening for great results.  Be consistent with your products. Using your products every day morning and night gives you the results you are looking for.  So next you buy a product and start using and not seeing results, check your consistency!


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