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Pink Kaolin Clay have GREAT tremendous skin benefits for the face. Like all clays, the main goal is to clear impurities, remove dirt, grime, and oil.  And certainly to refresh dull looking skin.

Rose Kaolin Clay - is a gentle clay is suitable for all skin types including dry, sensitive skin. It is naturally absorbent, soaks up excess oils, and pulls impurities from pores without causing irritation or redness. Reduces irritation and inflammation from skin concerns such as acne by soothing and balancing skin and promoting healthy cell renewal. Pink Kaolin Clay is rich in Silica, which may help to improve skin elasticity and cell renewal for supple, younger looking skin. White is the most common use forms although yellow, red, and pink is also available. Each color has it's attributes and abilities!

Pink is a combination of red and white clays. This combination helps to restore and replenish skin.  While it draw out impurities, it is great with moisturizing the skin and not leaving your skin dry and rough looking.  Leaving your skin feeling skin feeling smooth and renewed. 

Pink clay helps exfoliate dead skin cells, dry patches, purifying and detoxifying pores, helps with skin elasticity and great anti aging benefits

Pink Clay is great for the mature women who is fighting acne issues and want to delay the signs of aging.

How to use Pink Kaolin Clay:

Mix distilled water or your favorite hydrosol or floral water to the consistency you desire.

Apply to cleansed skin and while damp.  This helps the clay smooth on better and stick to the face.  

Let stay on for about 15 minutes and rinse.  

Apply toner and then your favorite moisturizer.

Use 2 to 3 times a week, base on your skin needs and you will see the desired results you are looking for. 

The Holistic Beaute will have a clay mask for you with added botanical powder for additional skin care benefits.  Make sure you sign-up on our email list to be the first to know when we launch this clay mask.

Thanks for journeying along with us and hope you enjoyed to wonderful skin benefits of Pink Kaolin Clay!

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