Welcome everyone to my new website. I have been working on this for months now and excited to launch this site. I actually started this site last year and then this past summer talking about skin care and the importance of taking care of your skin. I will continue to blog about that subject, however, I have since added my e-commerce store. The Holistic Beauté welcomes you. We are still formulating and added new products and updating our site, however, feel free to browse around. If you have any questions, you can contact me at the information below or send me a message up top where it say "Contact Us"

The Holistic Beauté started out of a need to find natural skin care tailored for my skin. As I get "wiser" I wanted products that would not cause redness, irritation, and breakouts. I started noticing that a lot of the skincare brands I was using were synthetic and contain harmful chemicals. They just wasn't working for me. I am also becoming more and more of what I put on my body as well as what I put in my body. With a lot in the news about our food supply and synthetic products may cause certain reactions and possible illness, it was time for a change. I said, why not create our own line of skin care and body care products, however, let's make it all natural, organic, and holistic. Where the natural ingredients don't just smell good but it actually does something and give you great benefits like shea butter. Shea butter reduces dry skin when used on a regular basis, restores the elasticity of the skin, reduces skin inflammation, and provides relief to itchy peeling skin. With natural ingredients, you know what you are getting. My goal is to educate you and to provide quality products to help meet your skin care and body care needs.

Skin Care. Our skin care line is in the works. We are creating an all natural, organic skin care facial line of products. Coming in 2020 and beyond, you will see skin care products for both men and women. Early 2020, you will see facial masks and toners, so stay tuned for that.

Body Care. Our body care has launched and super duper excited with more products to come. We launched our Botanical Bath Salts, Body Body Cremés, Emulsified Body Sugar Scrubs, and our Coconut Lime Lip Balm. These products are being listed on our site as we speak...or as I type.

The Holistic Beauté Body Care Line

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I am glad that you have visit my site, stay tuned and stay connected as we grow this new skin care brand. Talk to you in my next post soon! :)

Chesha L. Hale
The Holistic Beauté

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