Hello Everyone! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I am so excited to get started on a dream I had for years! This blog will be dedicated to skin care and body care. I will be sharing with you skin care tips, what's in your ingredients, possible organic product reviews, and even my own organic products to share with you and so much more.

This dream of mine goes back to when I was 18 and I know I always wanted to be in the beauty industry in some way. I even considered being in the cosmetology industry but I did not want to style hair. So I entered in a beauty business that eeeeeveryone knows about, and that was Mary Kay. This was my first business. I learned so much and met so many great people. I traveled and hung out with some phenomenal powerful women leaders. I learned sales, strategies, presentation skills, how to move products and how to maintain a customer database. While that was great, I was wanting something of my own. So here I am.

My goal is to teach you and give you strategies to having great skin. You may be struggling with oily/acne skin (like me), or you may have dry skin or sensitive to normal skin. I want to share with you what may work for you, including what your diet may look like which can affect your skin in many way. And to be honest, we as women, just can't help that break from time to time when it comes to that time of month. Some things you just can't control. However, I hope to give you what can work help you get any concern under control.

As I continue to learn with my skin care education, I will share with you what I learn. I believe in investing in your skill set. So I continue to learn by taking classes and courses.

So, stay tuned to what's to come and THANK YOU so much for following me!

Yours Truly,

Chesha L. Hale

Founder of The Holistic Beauté

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