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A spa day at home can be just want you need to relax and rejuvenate. Sometimes we think we need an extravagant way to reconnect, regroup, and reset, however, something as a spa day at home can give you what you need.

Now, don't get me wrong, a nice day at an actual spa is always GREAT! You can really get a great massage, facial, and more.

However, sometimes having a day to yourself in your home can work wonders. Just a few things that can still give that same spa feel.

Candles - Have candles lit through the house or just the bathroom can set a relaxing mood. Or maybe a diffuser with your favorite essential oil like lavender, eucalyptus, lemon, etc. can set a very relaxing mood and make your home smell refreshing and clean. Some essential oils can relax the mind as well.

Bath - Draw a nice warm hot bath and add some botanical salts into your bath water. The epsom salt and the dead sea salt can help to relax your body, help with sore joints and muscle cramps. And can help detox the body. Add some dried flowers to cosmetic purposes or for great healing properties. Here are a few you can try. Calendula (great for muscle cramps and menstrual cramps), rose flowers (enhances mood, relieves headaches, soothes skin irritations), and lavender flowers (helps calms skin and relaxes the body and mind).

Music - Music can lift and calm your spirit, your mind and your body. Depending on what mood you want in your home while you are recharging and relaxing. Some people like jazz, instrumental, and even gospel to have a relaxing spa day. Music can just have you dancing around the house. If after your bath, you can change the tunes to pop, rock, r&b, and hip hop. Whatever you want to hear, put it on to set the mood in your home. It really makes a difference and you will have a great time doing so.

Now, that was just a few thing you can do for your spa day. Of course you can add a foot scrub to that to have your own pedicure or may be a mini manicure. Whatever you want to do, DO IT! It will be fun and save you some money as well.

Your own personal spa day at home can be invigorating and fun. You can personalize what you want to do for that particular day. Also, no phones, no social media during this time. Disconnect from the world so you can really regroup. Tell folks you call them back or let them know you are NOT available. This time for yourself is vitally important. You are no good to no one if you are stressed out and worn out. Take time out and watch how GREAT you feel. You will THANK yourself later! :)

I hope you really take the time out for a relaxing spa day. If you work hard, take the time to relax.

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Happy Spa Day!

The Holistic Beauté

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