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Cocoa butter...yuuuuum. Did you know cocoa butter is used to make chocolate? And yes it smells sooo good. I love mixing this butter with peppermint. It smells like a York peppermint patty. ☺️

Cocoa Butter is a hard butter with several wonderful benefits for your skin. This butter is full of fatty acids to help hydrate nourish and improve the elasticity of the skin.

Common uses of cocoa butter is to help smooth skin, helps with scars, minimizes the appearance of stretchmarks, and even wrinkles.

Cocoa butter have a natural plant compound called phytochemicals. This helps with the blood flow to the skin and slow down aging by protecting it from the damage of our sun harmful UV rays.

Cocoa butter also help heals skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis.

Cocoa Butter is used in many beauty products like moisturizers, anti-aging products, and even lip balms.

So if you are having skin issues, suffering from extremely dry skin get yourself some cocoa butter. An aged old secret beauty secret that's still at work. Stay tuned for our special formula cream made with cocoa butter ?

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